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Full Version: My Veggie Filter/tank Setup
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Hi RG,
i'm wondering why no one is keen to adopt a veggie setup? i tried it and it really benefits. recommendable to HDB (flat) dwellers.

my goldfish aquarium now runs better than before....water is clear and gets 'cleaned up' by the plants, fish healthy and livelier, aquarium gets beautified, less frequent water changes (50% fortnightly with no salt). the goldfish never eat the plants which are growing nicely (the tank is placed near the windows for sunlight).

hv tried green water before but didnt work well for me.....either the algae bloomed till dark green causing my fish to disappear from view or is dying and turning brown mad.gif

can anyone share their view of such setup?

IPB Image

IPB Image

yes i agree that having plants will help to 'clean' water.

but to be frank, i think the choice and arrange of your plants are not too pretty.

overall it looks very spartan.

I'm just being truthful here, sorry if i hurt your feelings.
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