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Full Version: Tvb And Not Tvr!
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Not quite everybody's cup of tea
Naturally endowed with sizes above cup "C"
Ogle if you can at its dangling peduncles
Or if you wish and prefer a pair of male's testicles
Truly an amazing creation of nature
Of course with the help of Man's piece of sculpture.

This piece is my very first Bubble eyed goldfish and truly a rare and amazing piece.Why so?Look at its statistics!!

Country of Origin:Thailand
Pattern:Nidan(2 Step)
Tail form:Short tail

Additional feature
Looks good from the side as well.Nice back curve without the usual indentation found with Chinese's ones and the tail joint is almost like those found in ranchu!!! ohmy.gif

Believe me or's the pics

IPB ImageIPB Image

IPB ImageIPB Image

And finally a video to show what I could only described in mere words above shiok.gif

Enjoy peace.gif

Impressive...... shiok.gif
This is someting new, Thailand breed huh? it Bubble Eye looks better with this kind of appearance, its like BC (BubbleChu) hehehehe
Very nice. I like the colouration when in the dark background. The white and red really stands out compared to the white bowl.
Good find. This is a magnificent piece. Very well balanced with nice sized 'Dolly Partons'. Congratulations!

On a separate note, I've noticed that Bubble Eyes tend to be smaller in size compared to the other breeds. I wonder if it is only in my keeping experience that I've noted this. Anybody have a similar observation?
The body and peduncle is very thick. Usually bubble eyes tend to have a rather thin peduncle with quite long tail fins. This is unique in that the tailfins are short. Bubble eyes are great as Top View fish in a pond.
I agree with junkeatng. The broad peduncle is very nice. However, the tail could be more open and a little firmer.

I bought this fish because of its thick back and strong peduncle as highlighted by Bekko and junkeatng.Yes i agree with Bekko that the tail spread is a bit lacking.Another down side is its weak red.The posterior Hi may break up into unsightly islands or smudges with time hmm.gif

I will try to get a sideview profile if time permit peace.gif
Ok this is the video showing the same fish.Like I said,it has a smooth back and the tail joint is not the typical straight back but does have that ranchu joint biggrin.gif

Does it look better from the side?
Yes. Looks like nice SVR tail from the side.

In My Opinion I like it to view from the top, because the bubble eye balances the back and the tail..

I like the proportion of the body size..

5 months ago this fish was featured as above.

Here I have made a video using movie-maker to show all of its progress.Unfortunately its two bubbles appeared over sized and rather heavy going.The fish is nevertheless still healthy and eats very well too. biggrin.gif

Don't you think I have made some progress????

I mean my movie making blush.gif
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