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Full Version: How To Do Split ?
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I got a BigBoy BB-6000 Air pump.... i want to connect to 2 filters, anyway to do it ?

I buy a T connector but somehow one 1 out of 2 filter will get bubbles coming out.

Here is a setup.......... try to figure... i have no pictures...

[BB-6000]->-->-->-->-->- (T) ==>==>==>==> Filter 1 / Filter 2.

Is it my pump too weak ?

Or the setup is a mistake ?
there must be a problem from your T connection or the tube itself... maybe a smalll licking of air?

You need air pump valve control (see link) after T connection

Wad a lucky day, i have one of that in my tool box.... thanks small_ranchu
hmmm... looks like the problem is not solve...

is it i need 2 x valve control after the T connection for both ?
that's why they sell in pairs ?
I guess you connected the valve to the one that has no air pressure from the pump? Move it to the other one and regulate the pressure by closing the valve until the air pressure is split to the other end.
i got it working today morning at 8AM.

Yes, the valve to only 1. I try to insert to the one with pressure.

I guess the idea is to reduce the pressure and force the pressure to go another way, which is another opening is my 2nd filter.

Something is not alright with my tank today... the whole tank is chalky with filter x 2. I removed the charcoals that i used for giving weight to the filters and replace with marbles for it's weight.

The water looks cleaner after 90mins... see how tonight.

Off to work... 11:30PM.
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