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Full Version: Fish Tank Got White Spots, Not On goldfish...
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IPB Image

This is the rear panel, at first I thought it's the background but when i use my fingers to rub from the outside, it's appears to be inside the fish tank instead....

IPB Image

I use my finger to rub the inside of the tank...

IPB Image

Seems like not only the front and rear... even appears on the side.

This appears after the first WC to cycle my new filters.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance.
Looks very much like eggs to me rusure.gif
Doctor... u got clear-er picture of a Ranchu eggs ?

wow....Eggs to Goldfish or Eggs to other living things ?
They are sticking on the fish tank, not flowing around the water.
If it's Goldfish.. from the #2 picture, I destroy 4-5 white spots already... if it's Ranchu.....sad.gif

If it's not Goldfish.... what should I do ? Will they cause harm to my Ranchus ?

More info before spotting those white spots...

1) Feeding increase. 2 Feeding per day, 10mins, average each goldfish gets 4-5 pellets from hikari lionhead sinking pellets.
2) No WC done after CP advise on cycle the tank on 4th Jan 09.
3) Brown stuff found on Corals stone on 7th Jan 09.
4) First WC after first week on 13th Jan 09. 40% change.
5) New water is aged overnight, with Anti Chlorine and increase KH.
6) All 5 filters are wash down using the old water. Very quick rub on those brown corals shell using the old water too.
7) White spots appears on 14th Jan 09, morning before I go to work. I use my fingers to rub on 4-5 white spots, they dilute into the water.

Should I remove all my 6 Ranchu from the tank ? They seems active when I left for work at 12noon today after 5mins of feeding.
Tomorrow morning look for some activity in your tank.If you see some chasing,chances are that your fish are spawning.What you see now are the remains of eggs not eaten and neither fertilised .The bad news is that the water will foul up quite definitely.
Eggs sort of pop when you squish them. Also, without spawning substrate most of the eggs usually end up on the bottom of the tank.

after 3 days...

all my ranchu are active as fact they chase each another very often, day and night... but after i feed them, they will remain claim for 20-30 mins and they start chasing each another again...

no water foul increase in the last 3 days too...

those white spots are still there.... but the water gets a-bit chalky.... i wonder are they chalky because of those white spots, or because i risen the filter in the old water before the tank is fully cycled during the last WC...
I thought that Goldrush may have jumped to a premature conclusion when he said they were eggs. But, what you describe is classic spawning behavior. The chalky color could be milt from spawning. I will never doubt him again.

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