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Full Version: Calico Ranchu
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I have been very eng to go ard for fish hunting lately. I have seen that many LFS are bringing in small calico ranchus. However, I have seen a few who actually advertised these ranchus as THAI Calico ranchu. And they swear by it...

If I am not wrong, calico ranchus are only bred in China.

So, it is either the Thai breeders are actually opening up to Calico (since they are very baby size) or there are some groups dishonest fish suppliers going around cheating hmm.gif

Any bro can confirm this?
No lah, who say calico only from china, elsewhere like Japan, malaysia, thailand also should have mah....

Basically don't fancy calico much but if it is like this one from Fuzhou.... drool.gif die die must have manz.....

IPB Image
Saw 2 at Blue Aquarium las wk. quoted S$450 per pc shiok.gif
QUOTE(domho7 @ Sat 03 Apr 2004 01:07 AM)
Saw 2 at Blue Aquarium las wk. quoted S$450 per pc  shiok.gif

Jun bo.... die die must go and have a look....
wah piangz... see beh swee good_very.gif

Got head growth some more!

Oh... so their claims that they are from Thailand were correct ah? Umm.. I dunno hear from where one, Calico only China got breed hmm.gif

Anyway from my observation, this current batch of calico babies got a lot have anal fin problems. Different LFS also same thing happening
In Japan, the calico variety is called Edo Nishiki (東錦).
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