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I am curious as to how people keep their fish. There are many options, indoors, outdoors, pond, aquarium, indoor pond, outdoor aquarium good_very.gif . Of course your climate plays a major role. Large temperature swings can be a problem. But I am mostly curious about the availability of 'natural' foods. Can keeping goldfish outdoors benefit them with a natural food source that they couldn't get otherwise? Also, I've noticied that goldfish seem to crave algae, almost like cattle grazing in a pasture. Is a healthy carpet of green algae a benefit to the fish? Is the occassional bug snack a good thing?

Most of my fish are kept outside and I think they do better than the ones I have inside.

I apologize in advance if this has been discussed before... peace.gif
Answer to all your questions are YES. Outdoor is definately better; if they have access to algaes or larvaes would be even better. Only concern for temperamental countries is the severe cold during winter or heat during summer.

In our tropics region it is easier to keep them outdoors ; while the more serious keepers in temperamental regions will create a fish house.
Perhaps I'm pushing it... in Houston (where I live) it is more temperate than many places but it still gets very hot in the Summer and can get cold in the Winter. I rely on aerators in the heat and heaters to keep the fish from getting too cold but the tricky part is temperature swings. I just wish they'd invent a temperature controller that allows me to designate how much the temperature can change in a certain amount of time. Bascially, control the swings. As it is now I can only set a thermostatic setting and that doesn't help much when the temp is 40oF one day and 80oF the next. The best way I've found so far is to use several heaters in each tank, each with a setting a little offset from the others. I believe this acts as a buffer when the temperature falls rapidly.

My hunch is that the fish benefit from being outside but I sometimes wonder if it is appropriate for my climate. Mostly they do well but when things go wrong I wonder. thinking.gif
Hi Sonny. The water volume and whether it's an in-ground pond or above-ground tank plays a role too. The temperature changes more slowly in a larger volume and the ground will help keep it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Using a shade-cloth sail in the summer helps even things out too. But, you may not want a tight-fitting shade-cloth cover because it prevents the mosquitoes and midge flies from laying their eggs in the pond.

Hiya Steve hi.gif

I believe therein lies my problem. The tanks I worry about are both above ground and not that much volume. Although they're not in direct sun I believe my challenge is regulating temps; mostly in Winter but Summer too. Someday, when/if I retire, I hope to have a fish house. Perhaps I don't even need a house for me, I could live with the fish. laugh.gif
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