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Full Version: Is My Ryukin Stunted
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Pic taken on 1 Dec 2008

Pic taken on 12 Mac 2009

This one of my two ryukins in a 4 feet clear water glass tank.

100% wc every 3 days. Daily 30%

Feeding 5 times a day. (The 2 ryukins finishes the 100g packet of Hikari Lion head monthly)

The golden question: Is this typical development or is it considered stunted
Growth of Ryukin has to be proportional.Overfeeding may not result in enhanced growth but lopsided tummy giving an unbalanced look.Let your fish grow gradually as uneveness may be difficult to correct later.Try to get ryukin from reputable breeder that has bloodline that tend to grow large.Try buying medium size fish just to be sure unless you know its bloodline.
Noted Doc. Thanx.
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