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Full Version: Culling Fry
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I know this has been asked a long time ago with almost zero results but I am interested and thought to try again (also by way of introduction this being my first post) in how to select Jikin fry.

My problem is I cant speak or write Japanese so doing a search is fruitless and not many Jikin keepers here in Hong Kong. I keep many Jikin outdoors in a big concrete tank and this spring they have spawned already and produced thousands of fry. I have collected buckets of them to raise but Im not sure how to do an early selection. How tail growth progresses etc.

Any links to pictures of five days old fry selection onwards would also be excellent, even if the site is in Japanese.

Not many jikin keepers here; and not much info too. Closest that I can find:
Yep read that one. Im interested because hardly any of the tiny fry have Jikin tails, I wonder if this develops a little later as the peduncle gets larger, moment they look like tiny sticks with well divided Wakin tails. Wonder what the expected percentage is.......

Academic I suppose as no one here keeps and breeds them. I found a few Jikin sites in Japanese but none show small fry.

Hate to have to raise 700 fry only to find out they are useless. rolleyes.gif
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