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This my 4ft tank setup to house two oranda.Will a weekly 50% waterchange enough to keep to water at it tip top condition ?My filtering system is using a 2300l/Hr power head and the bio media: 2 packet of glass bio ring,i packet of biohome and coral chips.I'm abit lazy to do more than once per week water change.
Please comment on my tank setup.

IPB Image

IPB Image
Is that an add-on IOS filtration system?

Firstly, BB thrive best in a zero light environment. Cover up the compartment with black omaya to achieve that. Unfortunately one side will still be exposed becoz you can't paste it inside the tank.

You need mechanical filtration to reduce maintenance work on the bio-media. Try to buy some black sponge and cut them to fit tightly above the biohome. This is to trap large particles or the bio-media will clog up quickly.

That should be good enough....

Or remove the IOS and use two sponge filters can leow. tongue.gif
are the other 2 fish inside sword fish?? wat about your lower tanks? wats in it??
wah good space.
your orandas sure grow very fast if you feed enough.
Cover the side that cannot be covered by oyam with those hard filter cotton.
rolleyes.gif Thank for the advice HB.And below tanks also houses some goldfish and other small fish too. good_very.gif
bro Hazy,
a light blue background will be nice.... tongue.gif
Why light blue?It help to show the black?? happydance.gif
QUOTE(Hazy @ Sun 04 Apr 2004 10:31 PM)
Why light blue?It help to show the black?? happydance.gif

yalah.....unless you wana paste black background to let them camouflage in....

your tank now look transparent those in LFS....
no wonder your fish so stress up.... laugh.gif
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