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Full Version: Ryukin Question
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While doing a water change I accidently droped a filter cover into the tank and it
hit my red ryukin on the gill plate and chipped off some his red. His gill plate isn't
damaged, the skin just scraped off.

This is the only picture I have, see the white spot on his gill plate?

Does anyone know if the red will grow back?

Thanks in advance.

IPB Image
Yes it will over time
Once when i was trying to net one of my SVRs, he got sandwiched between the wall of the pond and a PVC pipe. In trying to pry him out, his body was abraded by the rough surface of the wall and lost a patch of skin on his side. The pink flesh was literally exposed. It has since regrown with scales and all. If I were you...I wouldn't worry too much about your Ryukin.
Thanks for the info. good_very.gif
It's so wonderful having people here share their experiences.
Sort of relieving some of the 'load' off our regular contributors here. happydance1.gif
Thanks guys I appreciate the quick response.

I will let my Ryukin know everything will be O.K.

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