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Full Version: Japan Tsugaru Goldfish
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The world of goldfish is varied and diverse. Officially, there are a certain number of recognised goldfish breeds and consist of the common types that we are familiar with. Unofficially, I believe there are numerous other breeds that are obscure and unknown to many. Here is one breed that would find some favour amongst ranchu lovers. It looks like a version of the Chinese Phoenix Eggfish. However, its body is very similar to a ranchu...except it has long fins and tail. Here are some images for all to enjoy.



I have purchased a pair of what I believed to be long tail Ranchus and didn't know that they were actually the new breed. So thanks for the information.


junkeatng, good sir do u know where we can obtain the tsugaru in Malaysia by any chance?
I recall there's an entry in one of the forums (either this one or myfish forum) with regards to the breeding of phoenix eggfish in Ipoh. You may want to search the forums for more information. Beyond that, I have not personally seen this breed in any of the popular LFS in the Klang Valley. Furthermore...the Phoenix eggfish typically does not display heavy headgrowth...and could be quite different from these beauties from Japan that you see here.

Good luck in your search.
well i have seen them on sale in the USA side (online in their website) but sadly they are shukins. not too sure are shukins, tsugaru? tho both of em from history appear in a different time. either way i would be glad to find shukin or tsugaru.
and yes the phoenix eggfish does not have the head growth and yes they look a bit more plain to me but still if i could get those too that would be fine.
oh well thanks for ur info. i guess "search" buttons are going to be my friend again!
Those are really beautiful fish you are showing there!
I bought 5 young Japanese Tsugaru Nishiki last month in Canada, and am already raising 2 batches of fry.
The fry are 18 days old, and 15mm long. Some photos are here:
What is the difference between a Tsugaru Nishiki and a Shukin? Any photos of shukin? I'm trying to collect some info on these fish.
Here is an interesting site where I found some info:
lucky u sabine. i wish i had the chance to get my hands on one. any chance they can be ship to Malaysia? biggrin.gif
cant remember where the photos were. too many surfing and i didnt save the website. but im still quite unsure if they are of the same kind or not. im sry
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