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Full Version: Deep Well Water
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guys, please help me about deep well water, is it ok for goldfish? coz right now im using a tap water from local utility company here in the philippines for my littles cuties ( 2 orandas, 2 ranchus, 2 lionhead, 4 pearlscale, 1 dragon eye and red comet) but i am about to move house in where deep well water is only available.

As long as the parameter of your deep well water is suitable for goldfish keeping, it will be fine. Send a sample of your water to a lab who can check it for you. Please take note that the parameter may not be constant in rainy or dry season.


wacko.gif oh my!.... do i need to go to test lab every change of season? thats a headache wacko.gif wacko.gif is there an alternate way to check it? thanks kokibali
Well, that's the risk if we use deep well water. We don't know what contaminants in the deep well water (chemical, bacteria, etc.).

At least, you can do periodic pH checking (and other parameter that you might want to check) along the way. If you know someone there using the water to keep fish, you can also ask him/her.
actually i have a friend who is using deep well water for years now but its for flower horns, i think cichlids have better tolerance when it comes to water quality than goldfish... anyway thanks again... sweatingbullets.gif
No need to worry, it is only a precautions. Local fish farms here also use deep well water.

You will never know before you try it.


The well water may be better than water from the utility company. You may need to aerate the well water before using it though. Aeration will drive off excess carbon dioxide (common in well water) and replace oxygen (often absent in well water). Check the pH before and after aeration. If the ph increases after aeration it means there was excess carbon dioxide. Also check the alkalinity (KH) to make sure there is enough buffering capacity to avoid a pH crash later.

all my goldies are swimming now in deep well water, this is just the 1st day but i haven't done any test yet and they're all seems happy, & healthy (i hope so).. i will post pics soon!!!
it's been 8 months since my last post... heres my goldies swimming in deep well water

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