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Full Version: Black Ranchu
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hii all

I buying 10 black ranchus. Can a blind black ranchus wonder? I can not see eyes ohmy.gif
it's normal?



this is not ideal however many keepers claim they have had fish that have been completely blind and have faired well for many years. Fish have an accute sense of smell and can therefore find food with relative ease. Just make sure that the "blind" fish get a fair share of the food, maybe seperate these fish into another tank.

alternativly there are ways of cutting back the growth to uncover the eyes. I have heard this is quite a common procedure, however I would only reccomend doing it if you are sure of what you are doing. I think I remember seeing Goldrush doing a procedure like this in a video?!? I think someone can direct you to this video, or alternativly a book called "Fancy Goldfish" can be reccomended for all sorts of medical procedures on your fish. Again! only do this if you are confident that you can do it right and will not harm the fish worse than not being able to see.

hope this helps.
sad.gif thanks
i have a black oranda which is around 17cm and he has a really big wen which covers his eyes and he can still wonder around the tank quite happily, sometimes they do bump into things but its nothing major so i wouldnt worry
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