Hello smile.gif

No, I don't mean the art of preparing goldfish for human consumption tongue.gif

Today my grandmother made a fruit salad and she had half an orange sitting on the counter and I considered taking some to feed to my goldfish. Unfortunately I have never prepared any fresh foods for my goldfish before so I was unsure on how exactly to do it besides just breaking the orange up into small pieces. Do goldfish even like oranges? o.O

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone out there would mind sharing some of the ways they prepare fresh foods, mainly fruits and veggies for their fish.

Like, I have heard how peas work wonders for goldfish digestion... but are they canned peas or fresh peas you shell yourself? Do you have to boil/blanche them first?

All of my fish are still very young, juvenile fish I bought from the local pet store... and one in uncertain condition from wal-mart. Anyways, with the exception of one fish they are all no more than one inch long. The largest, my calico fantail is only about an inch and a half, so for those of you sharing recipes, can you also give me an idea on portions? I work hard not to over feed my fish, since I have heard the many horrors that arise from over feeding.

Thanks in advance smile.gif