This tiger came to me with a twist of fate.When it arrived at the LFS,the vendor actually gave it only a week to live because of a suspected tumour growth in its tummy area.I felt the fish then and it was rather hard and solid.I didn't take the fish then.However the next day,I told the guy I was willing to give the fish a chance to live by putting my nursing skills to test.The guy was more than willing to part the fish as he had actually condemned it totally.

Once at home,I instituted quarantine treatment as per protocol.Each day I monitored its vital signs and told it to live for me and overcome its ailment in due course.Well the fish did not let me down and it lives till today but it is just not good enough to make the grade to be at Aquarama but it remains one of best kept Tiger in terms of colours and size.Only its swimming is abit short of ideal.Here's a video tribute to my beloved tiger