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You may get to see one of them biggrin.gif

Some 5 months ago just before Aquarama,I showed the topview of a pair of ryukins as above.The tricolored died on me blush.gif But the other fish grew quite substantially to what you are about to see below.

Its a pity the deep chilli red has turned orange. But a very good specimen nonetheless. good_very.gif

I like the fact that all fins are coloured. Dorsal, pectoral, even anal............. happydance1.gif

A potential winner. When the next comp ?
Look at the photos of this fish 5 months back rolleyes.gif I dare not show forum for fear of being chided blush.gif

IPB Image

IPB Image

Manage to correct it though as seen in the video biggrin.gif

Now to improve to chilli red(chilli padi.....HOT!!!!) wink.gif
Ok manage to go home for lunch and snap a few photos and compiled them into a music video showing the improvements of its anals.Please note I have not in any way digitally mastered the video nor color enhanced the still photos(My sony video camcorder somehow did not do justice to the colors of this fish in the first videos.The stills were capture on FUJI Fine Pix though without any alteration or any edition)

I think it is chilli red enough and please note the sharp demarcation(kiwa)between the red and white especially the dapple effect areas rolleyes.gif

Incidentally this fish is about 18cm now shiok.gif

Well this fish may have peaked at the wrong time(when there is no compe).the next compe maybe some 6-7 months away and I doubt I can sustain and maintain her prime for that long........sigh
So whats the colour ?

Chilli red or orange ??? uhm.gif
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