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Full Version: Head Growth Or Water Bag?
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sharks .. initially i tot it was head growth .. so happy.. the growth grow bigger everyday and i really harbour the thought that i got a potential mother of headgrowth..

but .. shocking today .. its shagging like a water bag and its just beside the eye.. someone tell me something .. its just on one side of the eye. and its happens to 2 of my fish.. could it be genetics? hmm .. or the food i feed is too "potent"??

IPB Image
wah lan. this is the first time i see this.... absolutely no idea at all dude...
yei man .. square.. i also first time .. somemore my fish mad.gif
the thing is so ... it actually big enuff to swings/wobble ard when it swims
try using a needle to poke.....

should be harmless one lah....
hmm....maybe got bubbleye genes... biggrin.gif
mad.gif mad.gif
Not long ago I noticed my Ah Pui has a small protruding growth on the left side of its head. Over a few days, the growth got bigger and look like a ballon seemingly filled with liquid, but it never grew as large as those on your ranchus.

Gradually the growth subsided by itself. It's now a lose skin as seen in the attached pic. biggrin.gif

I have no idea what it is, except the fish remains healthy throughout but I do suspect it was due to injury where it cuts itself (somehow).

I wouldn't deflate them; why risk infection? unsure.gif

IPB Image
due to overwhelming response/pressure from RG forumers during dinner time to burst the water bag, the fish has bowed to pressure and burst the bag itself .. .. .. .. .. ..

now its just like a piece of skin hanging ard (just like in the pic).
i did. i changed the water as well. thx for the reminder.
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