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Hi all!!

This is my first topic with you and i hope not the last one!!!

First of all sorry if my english is not to good, I will try to do my best.

I would like to show you my 600 litres aquarium. I have 6 goldfishes (2 orandas, 1 black moor and 3 fantails), 12 paleatus corydores, 3 cobitis taenia and 5 ancistrus.

Here it is:

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

This one is a baby of the other fishes!!

IPB Image

And a video!!!

IPB Image

Hope youll enjoy it!!!

See you all!!
Gracias hi.gif and welcome to RG

Very nice looking tank.Fish look healthy but do take note of the sand as substrate.In time it may harbour some unwanted inhabitants and accumulations.
i really like ur aqua scaping

Golsrush I "clean" the sand in every water change ( I change water every 3-4 days)but last days I am thinking about leaving the tank without any kind of substrate, what do you think about this option?? blush.gif

I am not pretty sure about doing this cause maybe will look not as beatifull as looks now!!! sad.gif

But if I take all the substrate out I will have more litres to give to my fatties...jejjejejejjeje tongue.gif biggrin.gif

At the moment I have 6 goldfishes in the tank and 5 more in my terrace, in a 150 litres "pond". They are still very young, 2 telescopes (1 black with long tail and a iron blue telescope), 1 calico ryukin and 2 beautifull calico fantails with lot of blue color!!!.

In the next weeks (probably in about 1-2 months) I will put all together and MAYBE in that moment I will take all the sand out...

Thanks all!!!
Hola! hi.gif

Beautiful tank, it looks like your goldies have plenty of room where to swim!

I read you also keep Ancistrus with your goldies. Could I ask you if you've ever had any problems keeping Ancistrus with goldies? Have your goldies ever disturbed the Ancistrus or viceversa?
I ask because I read contrasting opinions about keeping Ancistrus and fancy goldfish together, so I wanted to know what your personal experience is, in this regard. I hope you don't mind the question! Thanks!
Thanks Silverfish!!

Dont worry about asking!!! biggrin.gif

In my own experience there is not a problem in keeping goldies with ancistrus but I guess every case is just different (like every fish!!!).
I just keep ancistrus to fight algae even not having a lot of them but they do their "job" in my tank (as well as some apple snails).
Ive been having ancistrus for years and everytrhing is ok with them!! Maybe the only thing is the temperature but over 17-18 is ok for them (at home, even in the coldest winter, the temperature is always over 17!!! tongue.gif good_very.gif )

Hope to have helped you!! blush.gif good_very.gif
Thank you very much for getting back to me! smile.gif Yes, it helps a lot, thank you!

In fact, tank temperature was another thing I was wondering about. I think Ancistrus ideally needs water at 20-24C, so I was wondering if you kept the tank at a temperature below 20C or above 20C.
I keep my fancy goldies (they are still very young) at 20-21C in summer - do you think (from your personal experience) that this is too warm for them?
I've been told the ideal temperature for them would be between 20-24C, but I was wondering what you think about it. Since you managed to reproduce them I believe they must feel in the ideal water conditions so I would like to know your opinion. good_very.gif Thanks!
Hi again!! hi.gif

Well I dont really keep a constant they live inside my house (the small pond is not "working" anymore, I have made some changes in my terrace so I had to "move it"... rusure.gif )
they have the "natural" temperature with a minimun of about 17 (if we are not at home) and a maximun of about 29.5 (this temperature last summer but normally the maximun that we have at home is about 28 but last summer was really hot!!! mad.gif )...

Ancistrus get used pretty well to low temperatures if you introduce them to the tank in spring or summer so they get used to the lower temperatures along the weeks, as the winter comes. I dont now If you understand me... sweatingbullets.gif

Once, when I had a real pond, but a small one(around 700 litres) , I had 2 ancistrus at only 12!!! But this is not really recommendable cause they really suffer a lot... hmm.gif

Of course the ideal temperature for ancistrus, as they are tropical fishes, is always over 20 but in my personal experience I can tell you thet they not really suffer over 16-17...less than that you may have problemas, just depends on the health of the ancistrus.

Well If you have any other question do not hesitate in contact me!!!! good_very.gif

See you!!
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