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Full Version: Newbie Into Goldfish.
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Hi all. I'm new to goldfish keeping. Due to recent mass wipeout of my discus due to discus plague, i decided to venture into goldfish keeping. My mum likes them anyway, thus might have more support n less nagging of the hobby shiok.gif .

Currently i have a 6x2.5x2.5ft tank running on a 4ft sump tank. This will be my main display for my fishes. i also just aquired a 3ft with ios tank with 2 tier stand. i have a spare 2 ft tank that i will be using to try n cultivate green water. Might upgrade the 2ft tank to a 3ft after i cultivated my green water successfully. or place 1 or 2 toyogo tubs on the bottom tier for green water.

I'm into short tail orandas, short tail ryukins n ranchus. Anyone can give me some idea of how many fishes n wat to do with my setup? should i start with small fishes or medium size fishes? need advise here cos now got empty tank syndrom. God knows wat will happen if i walk into a LFS. biggrin.gif

Going to shop for some accessories to complete my 3ft setup now n get 2-3 orandas or ryukins for my green water cultivation in awhile! biggrin.gif

And thanks for all the wonderful info here. especially all the useful sticky! Now i know y i got brown algae walls in my previous dabble in GFs instead of green water! good_very.gif
erm, start slow, approx 50-150l per fish depending on size.

remember to aerate more
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