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Full Version: Tank Space For Two 2 Inch Ranchu Baby
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Hey Bro,

How long can I have two 2 inch ranchu babies in a 10g tank? I bought them last weekend, so I have been quarantee them in a 10g for almost a week.

I'm also going away for 3 days, leaving Sat morning and returning next Monday night. Should I leave them starving while I was away or should I put an auto feeder on the tank?

I have a 20g tank and is being used for water storage because I need to mix Prime and baking sode into the tap water before use it. I have no other large enough container for my water mixing if I move the fish to the 20g tank. I know the bigger the tank, the better fish will grow to.

I appreciate any comments or ideas.
They should be fine in there through quarantine. Do plenty of water changes. Being gone for three days is OK too. Do a water change and stop feeding on Thursday.

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