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Full Version: Fish-hub Goldfish Compettion
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Alright,the battle plan is drawn ,all are fishes are in the concentration area right now ready for body inspection.Whether our fish will perk up at the right time and at the right moment for the judges to assess their potentials are beyond our control.So whether your fish is going to be the NEXT goldfish IDOL,Singapore goldfish got talent gonnabe or wannabe...God knows!This one we can't even call in and vote biggrin.gif

Meanwhile while waiting for the results,here is my submission for this year event.I have sent a contingent of 11 fishes.By far my largest number in terms of participation in any goldfish event.Hopefully not my biggest defeat though. ohmy.gif

I salute my comrades as they march past to the theme of COMBAT......are you ready for combat? starwars.gif

PS Looking at this year entries during benchin......I'm already half defeated,if not totally deflated!!!!! wacko.gif
Gold Digger
They look ready for battle. I wish you best of luck!
QUOTE(Gold Digger @ Thu, 17 Sep 2009 12:49 pm) *

They look ready for battle. I wish you best of luck!

hi.gif Thank you for your blessing.Will you be here to witness the bloodshed? shiok.gif
Ok the results are out

These are my winners shiok.gif

CatA ranchu open 1st runner up

IPB Image

Cat B ranchu open

2nd runner-up

IPB Image
Ryukin Cat A Champion

IPB Image

Ryukin Cat A 1st Runner-up

IPB Image
Dragon eye Cat B 2nd runner-up

IPB Image
Congrats!!!! you are a worthy winner!!! good_very.gif
Congrates Doc!!! Any pics of the other entries to share? smile.gif
Thank you very much

There were some 144 goldfish entries in this competition.So I need some time to consolidate my video clips. biggrin.gif
Doc, congratulation ! good_very.gif

Also to our Virgin participant, Whtan, for taking 2 runner-up for Ruykin Class A.
Wah paisei man..............missed all these good news !! good_very.gif

Been busy. blush.gif

Congrats both Goldrush and Whtan !! clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
XIE XIE cp ,so are you coming this saturday to support us?

Congrats to ah Tan for his very first win with his very first fish entries good_very.gif
Paisei cant make it Doc ; tomorrow 1st day of Lunar 8th month ;got important matters to attend to. missing.gif
white horse T1
i am not worthy...pai sei. blush.gif

credit still goes to shifu -laserguy for teaching me the art of admiring ryukin. . biggrin.gif

thanks, i thought laserguy was pulling my leg when he told me.

Organiser never call never sms . mad.gif

my congrats to Goldrush- yr fishes no horse run. peace.gif .

48% hit for yr entries-outstanding performance


Here are the much awaited videos of the event.My apology for missing out some winners(some how )lost the files

As I create,I will upload

fish hub part 2


How about one moment of glory for myself shiok.gif

clap.gif clap.gif clap.gif
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