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Full Version: My Oranda
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Hi all... i'm a newbie here and i really want to share some of the pics from my goldfish.. this is some of my oranda... the first one is a female and the second one is a male... i've just breed them (including several other male... biggrin.gif ).. hope the kids will be much better than their parents...
feel free to comment please... i still have a lot of things to learn..

Female Oranda
IPB Image

Male Oranda
IPB Image
wowwwww!!! beg2.gif

Beatiful orandas!!! shiok.gif

The male is just incredible!!! I would like to get one like yours!!! sad.gif

Bye good_very.gif
Sorry, another question...are you the girl in the picture??

If that is!!!! I prefer you ratther than your orandas!!! jajajjajajaja good_very.gif
Beautiful orandas! Be sure to post some pics of how the babies turn out!
hi all, thanks for your comments...

for ricardoms, unfortunately i'm not the girl in my avatar... tongue.gif blush.gif i'm 100% alpha male... tongue.gif

if i have a chance i would like to know that girl also...she's japanese... tongue.gif

i'm so happy that all of you like it... unfortunately i just got an info from my friend that my oranda's babies just died and only about 30 left... (i breed it in my friend's place coz i don't have enough space in mine)... cry.gif

i just think to breed it again.. but still so many thinks to be considered, especially space for the baby... rolleyes.gif

hopefully i can start the breeding project again as soon as possible... smile.gif
jejejejeje sorry Wayan!!!! biggrin.gif

That girl looks just wonderfull!!!! beg2.gif

Im sorry about your babies...the space is a real problem with those fishes... blush.gif
I would like to have lot of them but you need a lot of space to keep them well!!!

See you!! good_very.gif
hot as hell is what she is tongue.gif sorry to hear about the babies, on a lighter note: i think im going to start posting random how girls as my avatar not sexiest at all hmm.gif
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