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I'm no Geogre Lucas,neither am I Steven Speiberg,nevertheless I'm spellbound by their creativity and drive to bring to us the very best in animation and special effects in their blockbuster movies.This may not be a blockbuster in many ways but it sure is one hell of an enterprise that demanded alot of script,animations,pictures,videos put together for your goldfish entertainment.I have used "John Williams" masterpiece taken from one of Star Wars saga to accompany with my creation.Hope you enjoy


mad.gif Just to let you know it took me almost 2 hours to upload this piece to Youtube!!!!!


What that glitters may not be GOLD
RUSH not,for what I have been told
Glitter will fade in a matter of time
This I have been taught as old as rhyme
Good or bad,it has risen a thousand fold
Spurned by few but now hugged by both young and old
Heed one from GOLDRUSH and herd not for goldrushes
When gold dust settles,it may save all from any blushes

IPB Image
Nice!!! LIKE LIKE... got Anakin, Darth Vader, Han Solo, Luke... I think I see R2D2 also... smile.gif
QUOTE(Titus @ Thu, 15 Oct 2009 12:12 am) *

Nice!!! LIKE LIKE... got Anakin, Darth Vader, Han Solo, Luke... I think I see R2D2 also... smile.gif

RANCHURIA was coined from the ancient country of Manchuria,where Manchus ruled(here Ranchus rule biggrin.gif )

I have used the three syllable word(Ran-Chu-Ria) to denote each province for my 3 separate tanks

Ranchuria can be further broken down as RANCHU-RIA,which means ranchu coming from a river source(RIA is a Hindi word for river).All ancient civilisations evolve around water sources(rivers)We have Mesopotamia,Tigris/Euphrates,Indus:Ganges,Egypt:Nile,China:Yangtze)
Ranchuria prosper from a water source as well,stressing again the importance of water changes laugh.gif
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