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Full Version: My Calico Ranchu
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hi i everyone . this is my first day with this site. i have been keeping pet quality goldfish for years , and i got these calico ranchus pretty cheap. i plan on getting some show quality fish in the spring so im trying to learn all can about standards between now and then. i love this fish because it is so blue . can any one tell me if there is any thing wrong with it so i can learn how to see past the fishes personality . i get caught up in cute faces and i miss imperfections. this fish is a fast one and i couldnt get a great shot .

heres a side view

here is a view from the other side . sorry not a great pic
here is a view from the other side . the other pic didnt upload . so heres this one . her tail looks alot bigger than it is . i guess its the way shes swimming . shes 3 inches

illl post the others in a bit
hi.gif Iris

You have already concluded that this piece is of pet quality and not of competitive standards,so you can't really expect too much out of it except for some growth and perhaps some color improvement biggrin.gif

What is lacking in this fish can be summarised below
1)lack bulk
2)lack headgrowth
3)tail too big
4)tail too low

My frank opinion

thanks for the reply , i was just hoping for something miraculous out of this fish because i love the color lol biggrin.gif i guess i already know the imperfections in the others .

oh and ive been following your videos on you tube for a while . i was delighted to see your pics when i signed up for this site beg2.gif

ps. only had them for a few weeks
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