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I have a 400 liter tank whit Oranda, and some Smal side viuew Rancu, some appelsnails and some Corrydoras Aeneus.

The life in a plantned tnak whit a sand bottom.

I dont have to mucht plants, because i dont want the swimming room to become to small.

I read often that people dont like sand and gravel, and that its bad for yor fish wy id that.

I clean up my sand whit a tube(suck the top of, anny poo or plant pieces also)
Goldfich love to take bites of sand and spit it out, somtimes the even pres it trew there gills.

My outher tank (240 liters) i have smal gravel but that is much more difelcut to keep clean, beacuase debree is getiing inside it.

My opinoin is that Goldish are life animal wo have to be entertaint, the can eat some plants take some sand filter it for food and stuf.I think a happy golddy is a more beautiofal golldym, but most of al aldo these fish are bred for looks, the are life animals wo have needs.

I realy kind of think that bare thnks are a little creul for fish (dont be mad) but the swim al day waiting to be fed and thats it.

I a plantned thamk whit gravle/or sand the have some diversion.
So far my opinoin.

Wy do you guy think sand is bad besedes the healt iseus (i belief if you duck of the bottum freaklently it no problem)

I also have a Qustoin because i have sand that is verry (dont no the word) small i ges, yes its fine smal sand.

Somtomes it wil stick on the fish, or on the wen of the fisches is this is problem for the wen developemnt.
Its not that the most wil stick on it the whole day, but i see it so now and then, and wonder if it is bad for the wen grwoht.

I realy like your opinoins and advise (i am trying to to me best english whrichting so forgive the spellingflows) hi.gif
It all depends on the types of fauna, along with the environment and parameters they come from. Therefore, I can state that not one single environment and parameter can suit all.

The origin of current goldfishes is the carp which will dig into the ground for food source and it's mouth is design to eject foreign object deem not edible. Having such feature, goldfishes itself became incompatible for planted tank, where nice flora will either eaten or uprooted, making it a mess for all other inhabitants and the owner.

However, it is definitely a welcome for any goldfish to have a comfortable environment to live and grow. Therefore, a little sand if it poses no danger to the fish may not be a bad idea, just a little messy every now and then.

Any foreign object in the wen, of course, is not a good thing. Wen and its growth are likely due to genetics, environment and food.

My thoughts.

Hello, thank you for your thoughts on tis.
I realy like to now some outher poeples thoughts on this iseu to.

Its a kind of myt that goldfish wil eat al your plants, i have Vasalinera spirlis in the tank works wel, also some chines climbup, and a plants i dont no the English name of, but it is now as Javavaarn over here, it a plant that can be put on wood or stones, beacause the root's wil rot if planted in sand. It a nice plant to deceore stuf whit.

I feed my Golldies severel pallets mixded from Hikari, also feed them frosen food: Krill, Brine shrimps, bloodworms and daphnia.
And now and then some Spirulina algea tabs, this works wel for fibers and green feed needs for goldfish.
This wil also benefit if your fish have some indigestioin because those algea kind of work laxating.
Also feed palltes whit lots of fiber and Spirulina Algea are working wel to keep the need of the goldfish to eat your plants verry low.

Its a combination of the richt plants and good food manegemnt, somtimes the take a little bite, but most of the time the leave me plants alone.

Plants as Cambomba or dont no the name (soft plant go's by the name Waterpest over here) wil be eaten.
Because those plants wil rot quiker in water temparatuers around 20 degreed celcius and are verry soft.

But whit the richt choise of plants and feeding extra Algea and hich grade pallets whit algea, plants can be kept quit wel.

Besides that i iam consernd about parasites in the bottum do, so i think if i move a wil make a part whit some plants and sand, some wood whit plants on it, and large part of the tank bare.

This way it wil be more menaceable to clean i ges, becuase now i have several centimeres of sand in one tank, and in the outher tank fine gravel.
I also learned here that genetics are verry important for Wen growht, so it the combination of those 3 things that wil bennefit the Wen.
I offten read some people on a forum on my counrty saying that Wen wil come if you feed wel, genetic or not, but come to think of it and reading it here it verry clear that thats just not treu.

Like if you have to shorts parents the change of there child becoming smal to is much bigger, verry logical, and i feel kind of stupid not to think of that earleyer. smile.gif
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