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Full Version: Urgent! Sundenly Green Water Colapsed During Water Change
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Hi there,
I just recenly change my green water (green water) 80 % then it's started to get clear water (CW) on the side of the tub and many green flakes floating around and started to sink in the bottom, is it normal? ( i havent get this problem before (already changing around 5 times)

My data:
A. Around 110 litre plastic or fibre tub (i don't know lah smile.gif)
B. 10 2-3 inch oranda and ranchu (overcrowded)
C. Full sunlight, on the top i just use small hole plastic ( just like the one to repel insect) to limit the sun rays
D. I usually change water every 2 day, coz with full sunlight the water become green vey fast (almost black in the middle)
E. Feed 4 times a day every 3 hours
F. At day air pump small output, and at night i use full power well water is acidic PH below 6,4
So i use BS to get around 7,8 to 8,2

My method of changing green water:
1. Syphon all the green water to 80 %
2. Start pouring water (well water)
3. At 40% water i start to put half tea spoon bicarbonate soda (BS)
4. At 80% put another half tea spoon
5. Done

My question
1. Is the green flakes floating and sinking after WC, normal?
2.if not should i quarantine my fishes immedietly?
3. Is my method of changing green water correct?
4. Are there any flaws with my method, number of fishes, feeding, aeration, etc..?

Thank you very much and looking forward to receive knowledge from the all the master goldfish in this
Great forum smile.gif)
Your method of water change sounds OK ; so I suspect that the well water may have contained large amounts of nitryfying bacterias that caused the green water to collapse.

Try using dechlorinated tap water in the next change and see if you have the same problem. If it works, you may wish to disintefact the well water before performing water change.

It is a good practice to disintefact well water irrespective of whether you are using green water or clear water as they harbour bacteria and parasites.
thx for the reply,
Well first i live at bintan island, indonesia.. The tap water here are very contaminated, i wouldn't dream pouring the water to my tub

How to disinfect well water then? I couldn't use salt,JYP and potasium permanganate coz it will damage my green water( is it true?), and with PP imagine
violet + green = .......?
Yellow + green = ......?

Need some enlightment
Can use chlorine ; which is available in powder form. After adding to well water can aerate and let it dissipate or use de-chlorinator.
If parasites or bacteria is an issue you can disinfect with chlorine or pp.But using chlorine is abit tricky as you may have to work out the correct dosage to wipe out the contaminants and then titrate the correct dosage of antichlorine(sodium thiosulphate)to neutralise it sweatingbullets.gif

Alternatively you can harvest some well water and pp it for a period of 4 hours(with the purple hue intact) after which you clear it with a dose of hydrogen peroxide.Once clear it is ready for use to top up or be added for your tubs.

No need to be a rocket scientist to execute the chemical reactions but just wondering whether these are readily available in your country ohmy.gif
QUOTE(CP @ Sat, 24 Oct 2009 10:54 am) *

Can use chlorine ; which is available in powder form. After adding to well water can aerate and let it dissipate or use de-chlorinator.

Using chlorine? I tought that the main advantage of using well water are no chlorine and chloramine in it..
Are there other safer options?
Beside's tap water coz,in here it is out of question..
PP I have, it's super disease away right..
But hydrogen i could not find it, have searching everywhere, pharmacy, supermarket, malls.. None, they don't use that anymore
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