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Full Version: Confused! In green water Some People Said To Use Air Pump During Day Some People Don't, Which Is The Real One!?
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Must use or not air pump in daylight green water? I know that at night it's extremly important to use it..
But during the day?
I'm now just past the 11th day of cultivating green water using the steps mentioned at

As mentioned on that page, the air pump is "to aerate and circulate the water". That implies : Without aeration, how is your fish going to have oxygen ? rolleyes.gif hysterical.gif
I just found another thread related to this. shiok.gif


This does make sense, to much oxygen is a bad thing in green water ( Oxygen Burn) Maybe a powerfilter with nothing in it just to provide circulation during the day...then switch to a air stone at night to provide Oxygen and circulation until morning aikido.gif
No need such hard work, just let the air pump on throughout the day, and monitor the green water and fishes. It can be risky without the air pump on in the day, as the weather may be/turn bad.

Okay, I decided to bring my babies back many risks using green water(bacteria/stress)(even after daily water changes due to oxyen burn) Just not worth the risk to me....using salt & daily water changes now to kill off any bad bacteria for who knows how long until fish are stable and well.. good_no.gif
greenwater during the day can produce excess oxygen and saturate the fish leaving bubbles in their fins. Not a good thing.

At night the algae switches from photosynthesis that produces oxygen to respiration at night which consumes oxygen and produces carbon dioxide.

Aerating greenwater all the time is a great way to reduce saturated gases and extreme pH swings. I've seen green water go from 9 pH during the day to 6 pH at night.

Best fishes

It took me about 3 weeks of medicine, Salt, & water changes to bring my babies back from 2 days of green many risks than benifits. I'll never use green water again. Melafix, Pimafix, & Aquarium Salt... G bless them :/
If at first you don't succeed, give up and blame the algae.

Sounds Like you had other issues going on.
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