We all now that green water is a miracle from nature, but in small tub can be a problem sometimes
Well my question is?
1. green water can absorb ammonia in day n night, or at day only?
2.how fast can the green water absorb ammonia? Is it possible that i can put as much food as i want? without consern the ammonia level? (just enough not to get swimbladder dis. lah) but if i soak the pellet than swimmbladder issues can be minimized right?
3. how much light? Is a non direct sun's ray can create photosintesis? After finish with my green water cultivation(intense green) My tub is covered with a black plastic on top with a distance 30 cm between plastic and top of the tub, but the sun barely touch my tub side, i dont need full sun as it damage the temp and the intensity of green water
4. Is the natural filtering capacity in green water outmach the most advanced clear water filtering available?
With the same amount of water, fishes and foods?