Arguably one of my favorite calicos are red based and this one caught my eyes during the latest shipment day.This one stood out among the best of the lot although the sumi(blacks) and reds are still relatively weak at the moment but look promising for the future.The tremendous imposing body shows great presence and strength,the essence of any good goldfish with a potential.I must add however that calicos are everchanging,so selection can be challenging and entertaining,as you can never be sure what's going to happen and how the fish is going to turn out.There are no established pedigree in this case and I can't be sure of the odds of failure and there are simply no guarantees!How this fish is going to develop are in the lap of the gods but definitely great fun though.Enjoy this vidz shiok.gif

Sorry Titus this piece doesn't come with "Showa" coloration..............kekeke