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Full Version: What Do You Think Of This Ranchu?
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GA Secretary
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All comments are greatly appreciated. I do need assistance as the black scales is diminishing!
i Love The Wen end boxing gloves cheeks on this fish.
The back looks niceley curved.
Iam stil lurning a lot about fancy goldfish to, but i feel free to give my apinoin anaway smile.gif

I dont no the exeat mening of diminishing, does that mean the black comes back, reader then its going away?

I dont no if that is the case what could be the thin thats cousing that.

I do find the Tail of the fish a bit weak, in mine opinion there schould be a deeper split in between, and the stand of the thail coul be more upwords. But i would love tho habe this fish.

What food are you giving him/her?
I reqement Saki Hikari color enchanchemend (the purple one) and Hikari Lionhead as base standart food, in combination whit some blood worms. brine schrimps say about 4 times a week, and twice a weak pure spiruinale algea tabs.Just bring good varioatin in the dit of this fish.
Feeding the pallets i would choose not the feed boht on the same day but one day one sort the outher thet the outher etc.
Hikari lionhead do have the tendensi to sook up some water and expand, so pre soak a 30 sec or minute can soften this food op, it quit hard for fisch to chew on.

Il think it wil do wonders on the color of the fish it looks is bit pael, but maby its because hey is chancing, or hase some stress.

May i ask how old this fish is, and how long ho ghot him?
I hope the black whil go away eventaly en the fisch wil geht a great ful red/orange Wen, en lichter Orange boddy.

I maby saying a lot of stuf you already now, so if thats the case iam sorry tho bojter you whit that information.
Its also because in my country the nowledge of Fancy goldfish is at a lower level, and i advised some people wo dindint no anything, si thats wy i have the tendencie to overdo it somtimes.
I hope me English is readable smile.gif end you have somthing on me opinoin and advice.

I hope somone can thel you more about the black scales, because the schould go away and dont come back in a sloppy form.
Greeting Goldenpearl
try feeding your lovely female live bloodworm, they contain lots of protein and will give more colour into those wonderful black scales. I can imagine the wen growing big, so well done on obtaining this fish!
I don't know if it's the camera or not but i think the pectoral fin is ripped only slighty,though.

lovely fish, 8/10
GA Secretary
Hi Goldenpearl & I AM RANCHU,

Thanks for replying. Attached is the updated photo of the fish. Most of black scales changed to light orange/yellow with reddish face. I found out that colour changed to that I fed him with colour enhancer food. Looks like the food is working as claimed. Apologies for my bad photo skills. biggrin.gif
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