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Full Version: Average Age Fancy Goldfich/age Questions
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Hi all Goldfish Hobbyist and Goldfish masters.

I have a question about what the averege age of Oranda and Side viuew Ranchu is, if the are kept at a aquarium, whit al year round temparature between 20/26 degrees celcius, and at least 50 liters of water for each fish, fed whit good food/varaity of green food, blood worms and Hikari pallets.

Also i like to no how old a Fanchy goldfish can get at maxium?
What type of goldfish do you have whitch became the oldest.

I have the idea that ordenairi Hibuna goldfisch (singel tale common goldfisch) get much older than the much more Bred Fancy goldfish.

Somone said to me that if a Ranchu or Oranda reaches the age of 10 years , that that age is quit unusual.

I have Fancy Goldfish for 2 and a half years now, and some died because of ilnis, in the beginning, but some died whitout anything wronf whit the water, no sings of parasites or outher ilnis.

Most of the fiches doing oke now, but i realy like to now how old the can get, i cant seem to find anny ansers, i think this is the best site to ask about this.Because a lot of poeple here have we more nowledge then most people in Europa where this kind of fish keeping is stil in its child shoes( just starting to take of a little).

I hope some of you can give me some ansers on my questions.

Thank you in advance, Greetings Goldenpearl, hi.gif
About five years.

Thnx forthe comment, but about 5 years is that a averege whit fich, count that died before 3 years , of is 5 years a maxium, i realy love to now, some more about where its based on, i like to no what was the oldest Fancy goldfisy you guys had, what is there maxium age., what is or was the longest livinge fancy goldfisg alive evver?

and is 5 years good in a tank whit lots of care , because its quit epencive over here in europa if you can ghet some nice fish, i wanna pay for a looker but when he only lives 5 years i dont try to import some nice klass tvr .

enouch about the greedinis it also that ik can prepare on it,so i dont think maybe the wil grow old and the do life for 5 years :S i realy have a bond whit me fisches there more than schow animals there my pets youno, so if one dies im sad foor at least 1monht .srry for the bad english. i hope some deeper thouchts on me questions please thnx all HAIL RAFFELS GOLD beg2.gif good_very.gif
Dear golden pearl,fancy goldfish,being fancy deviate more genetically away from their wild ancestor forms which are more robust and hardy.Thus fancy goldfishes are more susceptible to diseases and less resistant to the perils of the environment.Many of these may have inherent internal defomities associated with unnatural breeding and thus died out young without much apparent reasons.It is hard to use a definite time frame to their exixtence but an estimate range of 3-5 years maybe consider norm.However I must add that living to that age may not necessary mean that they are able to maintain their optimal best as breeds may vary and deteriorate over a short period of time but not perish.

Just my own assessment rusure.gif
I think with optimal care and feeding the longer bodied fish like oranda's and lionheads can live past five years. I have lost many fish over the last two years. Goldfish are very hard to keep if you do not study there needs. Follow the wisdom of the member goldrush about water quality and keep those nitrates down and do not feed floating pellets and your fish will live long and prosper.
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