The Metal Yang Tiger begins on the 14th of February this year and will influence with its flair and competitiveness till 2nd February 2011.And how is this metal tiger going to influence our goldfish world?The problem is that the Tiger always wants too much, too soon and that could be detrimental if you are grooming your fish to be champion as patience is the key to success and not pump to groom.

Those who wants to make money from goldfish world face extreme difficulties as the market remain bleak and starved of buyers and can only rest their hopes on upcoming competitions,exhibitions and shows to create awareness and demands. Regrettably, there will be few beneficiaries in this era of uncertainty.

We must also face the possibility in a Metal Tiger year of yet more goldfish conflicts between opposing idealogies and camps resulting in further seperation between the two

So to ward off unnecessary ill luck,bad companies and unforseen circumstances,I have decided to keep a few tigers biggrin.gif

Here's my TIGER tribute

Please Do Enjoy This Vidz clip wink.gif