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Full Version: Black Ranchu
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Hi Guys

This is my first post on the forum, I have returned to keeping Ranchu after a break of 25years. I started up again in October last year and obtained a few fish for my 250 gallon indoor tank, a couple of which were Black Ranchu. The tank temp is about 21c and I think this may be a factor in why one of them has experienced such a change in colouration. I have attached a few pics for you to have a look at, personally I like the way it now looks and am keen to see if the colours develop further.

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

Nice specimen you have there ; good body curve and nice tail angle.

Not easy to get fish of this quality in UK ; any idea on its origin whether Thai or Chinese fish ?
Nice looking fish there.Looks like UK has finally got some decent imports good_very.gif

The fish is 2nd generation UK bred from Thai parentage, it is a male and I am hoping to breed from him this year. I have the brother also which has similar shape and quality but has remained black.
Hi Jon,

That ranchu looks amazing. I wish mine would change to that colour.

What are you feeding it?
dragonhart ranchu with red headgrowth...

The Ranchu has been fed on Hikari lionhead and frozen bloodworm, the fish was originally in my indoor tank and I have just moved it into one of the outside vats with the aim of breeding from him this spring. He has now been outside for about three weeks and if anything the orange wen is getting deeper in colour
Very interesting colour there Jon, nice fish

Very nice Black Ranchu u got there. Interestin colour, with orange colour on the head. Nice body also, smooth body and nice tail. good_very.gif
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