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Full Version: Hi!,need Help From Sponge Filter Expert User Pls..
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Hi guys!
i'm just switching to sponge filter due to various reasons (mainly becoz the veterans here always encourage sponge filter smile.gif ),
with 7 ranchu and oranda (3-4 inch) and 370 liter aquarium, using 5 guppy brand sponge, ph 7.6
WC schedule : every wed 50%, sunday 100% change
My question is
1. Been cycling for a 2 weeks and ammo is zero but nitrite still 1 ppm with feeding 5 times a day and syponing the bottom poo twice a day..with proper time will the nitrate turn zero?
2. Has anyone using sponge filter but using fish pumping method? (feed 7 to 8 times a day), can do with sponge filter? And still get perfect water parameters?
3. The surface area for BB are enough for my bio load?
I'm new to sponge filter so rather still not convinced with them, although i love the simplicity, low electrical and maintenance cost..

Well thx before..
I am not 100%, but would be nice to know more about this subject.
I have a hard time desciding what to use for filters.
are you adding anything to your water? Some water treatments can cause false results in test kits.
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