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Full Version: How Do I Obtain The Best Possible Water For My Goldfish's
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I know that doing daily water changes and keeping up your filter is a good way to keep your water healthy, but what would be the ideal set up to obtain the best possible water quality.

Filter brands...types...UV sterilizer or not?
what about the filters content?
Any good combinations?(spong filter+canister filter)

Also Any suggestion on prepping the water since I am using city water. Should I be using distilled water?

I have been doing things the way that I have been though to do them and would really appreciate knowledge from others so I can give them the best of the best.

Thank you very much!

hi kinggold

There are no perfect full proof system neither are there fool proof ones.A system work in continuous dynamism every moment and every minute.Water quality fluctuates in tandem with much variables so you have to exercise prudence in every single system.Filters,uv etc assist in controlling such fluctuations within thriving limits for your fishes.Ultimately you got to work out a schedule to maximise gains from your system and minimize hassles in one.
But is there a filter that is preferred in goldfish keeping?

I just bought 4 50 gallon tanks and am looking for a good filter system or a good combination to have.
sorry for reliving this old thread, but I've came across some ideas & I would like to share, you can try to use the combo of DIY filter with K1 media & momotaro bakki shower, I'm using both...

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