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Full Version: Feeding High Quality Pellets Only Vs Live Feeds Supplements
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Hello guys,
my ranchu kenna flukes recently and many times before, maybe(or 100% sure!!?) due to my supplemental frozen bloodworm (FBW) feeding ( i feed 4 times hikari lionhead and 3 times FBW), in my area the FBW are always risky(many yellow worm) and after searching for so long there are no quality fbw here.. sad.gif give up lah

My question is...
1.if we feed only on high quality pellets like hikari lionhead or saki only could we achieve the same growth effect with feeding live feed? (frequent pellet feed 7/8 x a day)
2.if we use monthly basis of flukes medicine will it harm our ranchu? Ex: super disease away from ocean free (PP) it works wonderfull but reading the post the risk is very high, i have tried salt 2% doesnt work and no prazi here..
3.just to make sure that if we feed pellets only our fish will 99.999% free of parasites right?

Ok then thats all, just so tired of medicating sick fish, lots of water change and praying

Thx bos!

im new with oranda gold fish and in beginning had also lots trouble with sick fish the pellet is the best to not have the diseases and make them growth. I was worried not make my oranda head growth properly so on the net i went on google "Hikari food" and you ll see that the champion use only this food and you have for everything head growth, color etc i bought the Hikari Lionhead " for sinking type, promotes head growth and superior color"

The best this food doesnt dissolve on water so good to no cloudy water causing by also food dissolving like flakes"


so hope i could help you a bit
for the salt in the beginning i did not trust but it work very well cause disease doesnt like salt but the fish doesnt mind if wright proportion.

So wat i do and tips from a fish shop dealer its 0.5gr salt per liter and every time you change your water easy if you replace 20 liter you add for this new water. so you keep the balance of salt and disease gone.

i had lots of fungus mainly on fin or head so i try and work well. the best dont need to remove all the carb on filter etc during you treate the disease and its cheaper than medecine like pimafix or other. it will rise up your PH a bit but gold fish can support that mine they all good and its oranda so more sensitive than normal gold fish.

yep sea salt of course lol

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