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Here's a message for all

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How about a humorous panda tale?

A big old pudgy panda bear walked into McDonald's one day.
Ordered a Big Mac, fries and a Coke, and ate it all right away.
He paid his bill at the counter, then with a great big grin
He pulled out a big water pistol and shot the cashier in the chin.
He sauntered out to the sidewalk; the cashier followed him there.
Drying his face he said, "Why'd you do that? It wasn't really fair."
"In the encyclopedia, friend, the answer can be found."
The panda said, and then he left, saying, "Well, I'll see ya around."
The cashier looked it up that night. What he saw he couldn't believe.
The encyclopedia said, "Panda -- eats shoots and leaves." hysterical.gif

And now watch my panda movie

Please enjoy wink.gif
Hi Doc, it's a very interesting panda. How I wish it has black lips to make it a 12 blacks panda biggrin.gif

Good shots and music, and of course the panda too smile.gif
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