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Full Version: Sales Pitch To Newbie
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white horse T1
Yesterday i was at a famous Spore LFS and I overheard a conversation below between the sales attendence and a couple wanting buy goldfishes.

shop attendant was eagerly introducing the fishes, tank, water change regime to them.

basically below were transpired:

1 C: Customer: how big can the fishes grow, can they grow to this big pointing the more expensive ones?

S Sales: Yes, of course depend on yr grooming skills (True, but the newbie has no idea what is grooming skill)

2. C: how many times must i change water ?
S: u change 30% per week no matterhow clean yr water is. (True, but no ideal on tank size though)

3. C: u pick for me?
S: (Pick 6 super ulgy cheap $6 feeder goldfishes, and ask C to buy up to 10 or 18 because it is a auspicious day 10/10/10)!!!
S: today only happen once in a life time, so good to buy fishes. ( i !!!!! feng shui and dates)
S: Goldfishes all can mix as they are not like fighting fishes. u want oranda, ranchu, and mix......

wacko.gif i cannot take it anymore, i quickly walk out.

thats because you're knowledgable when it comes to fish.

used car salesman will pull the same trick over someone who knows nuts about cars, computer salesman can convince me just the same longpia.gif

Grand Pope
Is the shop located at Serangoon North? Hahahaha!
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