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Full Version: What Is Green Water?
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What is Green Water? When I joined 2 days ago, the secretary PMed me to look at a Goldfish for beginners thing, where is that?

Is it ok for me to have my Ryukin Calico in a 5 gallon tank? It seems to be happy in it.

Thanks for answering 1 or all of my questions! (I tried to ask questions on another forum but nobody responded).

RG's beginner's guide :

Vermillion Goldfish Club's greenwater :

5 gallons ( 20 litres ) is very little water per fish ; try to at least double the amount.

Goldfish are school fish? Who knew (everybody on this site but me lol)!? Does this mean I have to get at least a 20 gallon tank and another goldfish for my Ryukin? As long as it is a goldfish it will work, right? So I can get a black moor to be his buddy?

The beginners guide said that a 3' tank would support 3 goldfish. Would a 20 gallon long tank (32") be enough to support 1 common goldfish, 1 Calico Ryukin, 1 Black moor with weekly 80% water changes and no gravel?

The volume of water is only a guide, less water means more frequent water change. The guide assumes weekly water change with 2 feedings per day and keeping nitrates below 50ppm.

Goldfish are not exactly schooling fishes, but it is thought that they are better off with companions.
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