So... im not sure if this is the correct place but it does say "...tank setup"

Anyways. Im new to goldfish. Although ive kept tropical fish/planted tanks/marine fish for several years.

Im unsure one what lighting to use for display. More specifically color temp.

I borrowed a light from a friend that is T6 20w 7000k, my Calico Ranchus look fantastic under it. Since i cant find 7000k in T8 i was thinking of getting T8 32w 6500k. However the fixture holds 2 bulbs. Im afraid at that point [2 x 32w] it will be too bright and wash the fish out. Especially since im using white sand.

So then i was thinking of getting one 50/50 [6500k & actinic] or Actinic and one 6500k bulb. Will actinic even help their color?

What do you guys think?