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Full Version: Shells Of Bloodworms
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I feed my ranchus frozen bloodworms. Sometimes I find their poos contain partially digested bloodworms. When the fish foolishly eats and quickly spits out the poos, the poos will break up into empty shells of bloodworms and the shells float to the surface.

Is partially digested bloodworms a common occurance? Are the frozen bloodworms expired?

Hi! If you fed the right amount of bloodworms to your healthy fish, the poos will be short and chunky. I also observed occassionally those bloodworm' empty shells you talked about and asked someone during a recent gathering. From what I understand, it's due to overfeeding. The fish could not digest the excessive bloodworms and I'm wasting money and foiling up the water unnecessarily. If you have the resources, you might want to test the theory out. Just setup two tanks with no filtration or any means to remove poos. Then put similar sized ranchus in each tank. Feed one ranchu with just a cube of bloodworms. The other tank's ranchu you would overfeed. Observe the poos the next day to find your answer. I suspect the ranchu who had just one cube a day before will digest the bloodworms fully while the other ranchu will pass out many yet to be digested bloodworms and thus the tank will have many "empty shells" floating around.
Thank you. I'll try to do the experiment to satisfy my curiosity. I think it's wasteful to overfeed my ranchus. Getting it right also helps keeping the water cleaner.
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