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blush.gif Quite the interesting picture!
QUOTE(smgutie @ Mon 01 Dec 2003 13:05 PM)
blush.gif  Quite the interesting picture!

not very sure whether you are familiar with japanese anime (cartoons). that character is actually from Sailor Moon (school girl superheroines who like to change into sailor's uniform to fight against evil, like wonderwoman biggrin.gif )

obviously the wrong size/gender/age, with a too-small panty-hose to boot!

eye sore man!!!! cry.gif
yeah, I recognized it right away. an eyesore only based on how you look at it! wink.gif oh my, if only i could see people walking around or going to parties dressed up like that. lol, was that for holloween or something?
Halloween? Hmmm... in Singapore? Is there such a thing?

I used to like Sailor Moon, but after seeing that pic. I am not too sure.
QUOTE(kingyoo @ Tue 02 Dec 2003 08:17 AM)
Halloween?  Hmmm... in Singapore?  Is there such a thing?

Halloween is not practiced widely in Singapore. Most locals don't even know what it is but on Halloween night, you could go custom partying at various nite spots but otherwise, kids don't go round the neighourhood asking for treats or tricks.

It's just not the same. sad.gif

What we have is Hungry Ghost Month. Yep, not a day but an entire month!

"For the Chinese, the month of the Hungry Ghosts or Spirits - usually in the month of August - is the most inauspicious time of the year. Taoists believe that the gates of Hell are opened at this time, and the spirits of the departed wander freely about the earth.

Children are discouraged from staying outdoors late at night, it is considered unlucky to buy a piece of property or close a business deal, and some market pundits have observed that even the stock market is quieter during the Hungry Ghosts month. The ghosts are "hungry"after their impoverished time in Hell.

Besides burning huge joss-sticks and candles, Taoist believers offer cakes, fruits and sometimes an entire banquet to appease the famished spirits. Fake paper money - and sometimes even fake paper cars, houses and mobile phones - are burnt so that the dead spirits will have the actual equivalent of these objects in the afterlife. Street shows are also held to appease the hungry souls.

It's a crazy month with lots of ghostly stories to tell, superstitious habits to avoid and oppurtunities for non-believers to pick up good deals. Ya know... many bros here who bought goldfishes during the Hungry Ghost Month could not keep the new acquistion for long. We don't know why this is so. Muhahaha. blink.gif
Oh great... unsure.gif I was born in the Hungry Ghost Month.
wow, that is really interesting! my sister was born in the hungry ghost month too!

[We don't know why this is so. Muhahaha.]

so whats gonna happen to my sister then?

oh my goodness, i just was thinking about making that picture into a postcard! i can just imagine what people would say.
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