Hi everyone,
I'm a newbie here. Been reading up your postings every now and than.

Anyway, I have a full grown string/hair algae problem in my 560g tub. Every corner of my tub is covered with this. I'm not sure if this is a problem but the water is crystal clear and the hair algae is everywhere like never before. My goldfishes seem to be munching on it, on and off.

Now I was wondering,
Do I cut down on their feeding pellets coz they are munching all day on the string/hair algae?
Is this string/hair algae healthy for the goldfishes?

If its any good than I'll leave it, otherwise I'll have to get rid of it coz it sure is choking my pump which I don't mind clearing up every once in awhile providing the string/hair algae is doing more good than any harm.