Dear Goldfish Enthusiast,

We are excited to announce the formation of The Goldfish Council and welcome you to join us.
The Goldfish Council is an international organization encouraging and supporting the expansion of the goldfish fancy
What you will get for your membership:
• Full access to the new website complete with articles, blogs, podcasts, and Breed Standards
• High-quality men's or women’s shirt with the Goldfish Council logo embroidered on it
• Contact information about breeders around the country
• Exclusive access to fancy goldfish from top breeders at the upcoming “Breeders Auction”
• Up-to-date information on “all things goldfish”
• Many more exciting benefits as the Council grows
Annual dues are $25.00. Please join by visiting:
Whether you are a collector, enthusiast, a hobby breeder or a dedicated breeder, we have something for everyone. Please join us on our journey.

The Goldfish Council