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Full Version: Trouble In Greenwater?
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i need help! i just began using greenwater about 1 month. today i noticed that there are lots of poos floating around the tank even though the water has turned into dark green. what does this mean? is it a sign that i overstocked the greenwater with too much fish? therefore the algae cannot break down the poo fast enough?

thanks for ur help.
Floating poos or are they floating debris (from left-over food)?

Good poos don't float. What you see are probably left-over worms.

A correctly stocked green water tub will break down poos quickly. On water changing day you can find some decaying poos. But if you overstock the green water, then your green water is likely to appear a little brownish and when you check the ammonia level you'll find it's quite high as more algae could not be cultivated to process the ammonia.

Are you changing your green water once it gets intense or let it continue for a month before changing? As a general rule, you need to change your green water once a week. Sometimes shorter if you overcrowd it and water turns intense within 3-4 days.
thanks for your quick reply.
yes they are floating poos, more like swimming poos laugh.gif and they are quite a lot of them.(they are black poos, is that what you called decaying poos?) plus, i dont feed my fish with worms. Also i change my water every 5 days. i wanted to go once a week, but it seems never make it because by the 5th day it is totally dark green in the tank.

Do you think i over fed them? the tank is 54 liters or 14 galons, and i only put 2 ranchus. 10cm and 6cm. should not be overstocked, what? tongue.gif
well.. its overstocked.. thats y smile.gif
are u using artificial lighting or sunlight?
if artificial, how many watts?
how much are you feeding? and at what time & frequency?
what food are you feeding?
its still overstocked?? ohmy.gif shocking. how many gallons needed for 1 fish? lets say 8-10 cm.
i use direct sunlight for about 5 hours.
i may have overfeed them though. i feed them about 5 times a day. little at a time, only what they can finish in a minute. i feed them pellet foods from Tetra
about 50-60litres per fish

QUOTE(HappyBuddha @ Sun 09 May 2004 08:12 AM)
Good poos don't float.  What you see are probably left-over worms.

I think what nobnoba meant by "floating poos" is they move around the tub due to aeration, and not that they were floating on the surface area due to air pockets trapped in the poos causing them to constantly stay afloat.
Allan is correct, it is due to aeration.
People, is it true that for each fish 50liters of water is needed? because i saw some pictures of fish that you all have (in green water), it seems they do not use the same measurement (less than 50liters)
50L per fish is a guideline.

Best way to find out is to try it out. Try using different kinda lighting (natural, MH, PL), try with different volume, try with different stocking level. At all times, have some kinda ammonia test kit on hand. test ammonia frequently.

If you feed decently, you may arrive at the same conclusion too wink.gif
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