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Full Version: Goldfish Scales Coming Off
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i have one goldfish having

1. a scale coming off its skin, it's abit whiteish and it looks like a cut also. im not sure.
2. it occurs on both side of the body, two different spots, one is bigger

could it be white spots? im not sure. the scale is "coming out".

i cannot provide any pics now because i just cant... the adaptor doesnt work

please provide any replies
It COULD be "Dropsy", but I'm not sure from your description. Please quickly take a clear photo to show us because Dropsy can be deadly... Yet it can still be treated if detected earlier.
what can i do immediately now??

while trying to take some photos of it
could be parasites, could be dieases, could be hit against something sharp

anyway just increase salt to 0.5% for the moment smile.gif
Dropsy looks like this:
IPB Image

But the one int he picture is very last stage liao. Initial stage got only a few scales popping out.

You can go to this site to see what your fish is suffering for:

As ET said, t could probably just be fish hurting itself.
it's like just one scale "peeling off" from the body, got blood, like maybe kena cut.

i took it into QT, put in salt.

i read somewhere dont feed the fish for a few days or something
am i doing the right stuffs?

should i be buying any medication?
ceasing of feeding would be recommended, meanwhile keep the water clean by doing frequent water change, whats the quarantine tank size? if possible, please take a clear shot of the affected spot smile.gif
1) currently i put that fish into QT, added ocean free furan 3 medicine powder
2) washed the main tank every single thing...
3) added it into the main tank also (OF furan3)

have not been feeding the fishes

how long should i be not feeding the fishes??

now one of the fish in the tank keeps floating up to the surface, although it keeps trying to swim down sad.gif

what is wrong ? sad.gif
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