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Full Version: Need Clarification White Goldfish
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I found this in my research for useless facts yesterday and found this interesting.

Is it true that goldfish kept in the dark will turn white?
Kekeke. I actually subscribe to another school of thots that goldfish assimilates to the environment and adjusts its body colour. It turn whiter (not white though) if it is kept in a bright environment and vice versa. Now, by "dark" I meant the tank, for instance, has black oyama paper instead of white walls and not that the tank is in a completely dark room with no light.

How true? To be frank I don't know but a few pple I chat with subscribe to the same habit of using black oyama paper for their glass tanks.
I think I got my answer

Most goldfish will fade in color even in our tank, but the coloration maintain to certain extend. Unless it's a form of weak genotype like red cap, panda, blue scale type of fish, then there is a chance that the entire fish turning white even without to be left in the dark

So it is gene not so much the environment.
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