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Full Version: Long Finnages Ryukin
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I went to Summer Koi today and saw a drop dead gorgeous (to me) red/white long-tails Ryukin. The body alone is about 5 inches long but I estimate the "veil" tails is at least 7 inches. The dorsal fin, usually erect, is about 3-4 inches tall while the pectoral fins about 3 inches. Can you imagine how this Ryukin looks like?

It turns out all those Ryukins were left behind by someone who used to rent a pond there, and I can buy them! But I didn't because I have no way to house such a large Ryukin. More importantly, the fish needs urgent medical care; the tails are begining to rot... and another similar but smaller Ryukin in the same pond has ulcers all over it. Yuk. The rest of the Ryukins are short-tails and frankly some have tails that could put many Ranchus to shame.

So... if anyone here likes Ryukin, has a large and deep/tall (at least 2 feet) pond/tank... go check it out. The way I see it... these are not your usual Ryukins. Afterall, someone liked them so much he rented a pond to keep them... just don't ask me why that person seemingly left them behind after a while.... unsure.gif
How much were they?
I left out some important details that some have asked me via PM.... which I won't reply since I would be repeating myself:-

The asking price is $68 for location map

I'm not entirely sure what sickness it has except the tails are rotting.

The other Ryukin has ulcers and shares the same 9 ft x 6 ft pond.

I would have bought it if not for its long finage making a deep container compulsory!

I went down to Summerkoi today...
Saw the Ryukins
But not in good condition
There are 2 with very long tails/dorsal fin and 1 with a perfect tail fin.
But the humps were just not good enough sad.gif
Didn't buy in the end.
However, they also had some Aoko(Jnr) ranchu which they imported from Nagoya
which were going for over a hundred each. Abt 5-6cm only and many to choose from. Been here for several weeks already and are stable and healthy.
Thot I'd share the info smile.gif
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