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Full Version: Green Water Pills
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white horse T1
Check out the mandarin Sin Ming Newspaper on 9 Jun

Ad selling green water pills for human consumption from japan !!
claim that it kills off bad bacteria in body and balance up the meaty diets we eat.

I wonder if we could use it to seed green water if dissolve in warm water.
think its related to spirurina tablets .. something that u can buy at general pharmacy .. why dissolve.. just feed them the pills!! happydance.gif joking anyway.. watch out for the liver or kidney
Mrchoco is selling this kind of product...

Ask him what happened when he tried using the pills to kick start green water laugh.gif
if it is spirulina, dun feed to your goldfish pure.
unless your fish is full red.

Red/White is no no...

for more info for your own personal health being, I can let you know a little bit more if you like. But not here since here we talk fish.
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