IPB Image

Many of you probably have seen me post the above pic (numerous times) before. It's a Gex FivePlan filter with siphong action that filters the tank using the wet/dry principal, all in a compact 2 feet OH box.

I tried to source for it without any luck.

But last week I accidentally came across it at... Rainbow Aquarium.

It's old stock and they're clearing it ... at $45 a pop. tongue.gif (hoh leow ah good.gif) I know you could get Atman kinda canister filter for the same amount of money... but they can't do wet and dry filtration. unsure.gif

Too bad I'm no longer into fancy filtration device.

But anyone interested to invest in a good made in japan filter can try it out. It's damn stylo ya know; you could even hear water flushing away. biggrin.gif

Only 5, 6 pieces were available, but I'm sure you can bargain down the price since they're clearing it.

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